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Because this is the 21st century, even if you’re traveling out of a backpack, carrying electronics is a must. What you carry and how much you bring is up to you, but here are the items we brought. 



Macbook Pro 13″ w/ Retina Display

This is how we keep connected to the world, to our jobs, to our family and to our friends. We carried an older model Macbook on our latest trip, but Jimmie just picked this bad boy up a few months ago. It’s got 8GB of flash-based memory, a 250GB hard drive, and a Retina display. 

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 13″ Macbook Pro

I did quite a bit of research into cases for my new Macbook Pro, and I tend to overprotect my electronics. This was the case I finally decided on, and it’s got a few features which I love. It’s got a nice frosted look when the computer is turned on, so you can still see the Apple logo through it. It also has some cool kickstand legs that flip out from underneath when you want a better angle when typing which I use pretty frequently. The best part is it was only around $16!


iPad Air 16GB

The iPad came in handy when we were each needing computer access with only one computer. In these days, you can do just about anything with WiFi access, so having this was very convenient. Especially when we decided to read all 7 Harry Potter books. I also used the Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard if we wanted to do any kind of typing work. Never really had any problems with it regarding connectivity and it is a great value. 


GoPro and accessories


1. GoPro LCD Bacpac

One of the frustrating parts of a GoPro is that you’re not able to see what you filmed until after you import it to your computer. Shelly got this LCD Bacpac for me as a present and it is amazing. It’s a sharp little LCD display that fits right onto the back of the GoPro. It comes with several different types of housings such as waterproof or another one that allows you to still use the touch features of it. If you can afford it, I’d highly recommend this!

2. GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

The GoPro Hero 3+ was a birthday present one year, and it’s been such fun creating videos. They’re virtually indestructible, shoots beautiful HD video and can used in a variety of ways to capture your activity in an interesting way. I’ve attached it to my helmet whitewater rafting in Colorado, ziplining down the side of a mountain in Utah, kayaking on the Niagara River and horseback riding in Canada.

3. Various backings for the GoPro housing.

I’ve got too many of these and should probably figure out two or three that I’d really need, but when you purchase the GoPro or the LCD Bacpac, they each come with several for various different situations.

4. GoPro Case by CamKix

I’m nearly running out of room in this guy, but it’s certainly done its job with protecting my GoPro. It’s not exactly a hardshell, but not softshell either. It’s got plenty of little cutouts for all of your widgets and doodads, and a stretchy pocket on the top where I keep the user manual and USB cord. 

5. SanDisk Micro SD Class 10 Cards

I picked up 3 of these to use and they’ve performed great so far. Micro SD cards are the size of a fingernail, so be careful when handling them! One handy thing I’ve loved is that they also come with a SD Adaptor so that I can plug them directly into my computer, or even use them in my DSLR. 

6. GoPro Accessories

I don’t even know what most of these do, but I keep them just in case. When we went whitewater rafting in Colorado, my helmet did have an attachment glued on top and I realized I could use one of these gadgets to attach it straight to the helmet. So that was cool. All these guys come with the GoPro when you purchase it. 

7. GoPro Headstrap Mount

When you don’t have a helmet mount available, this works as a great backup. I wore it while we were horseback riding in Canada and gives a cool perspective while doing whatever crazy activity you choose to do. 

8. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Came with my CamKix GoPro Case mentioned in number 4 above. I like to keep my stuff clean, so I generally use it with all of my electronics. 

9. Purex Card Reader

Now that I’ve got a Macbook Pro (which has a built-in card reader), I don’t use this nearly as much. I’ll keep it with my gear though just in case, because I’d hate to be in a situation where my internal card reader is on the fritz and I have no other options. It’s a 46-in-1 USB 3.0 card reader and you can pick it up for only $7 using that link above!

10. USB Cable

Comes with the GoPro, used to connect to the computer to transfer video/picture files or update the software on the GoPro. 

Not pictured: Some of the other accessories I’ve got include a telescopic “selfie stick” and a wrist housing.


Cell Phones


Apple iPhone 5

Shelly – I’ve had this phone now for a couple of years and definitely realized that I take it for granted when Jimmie started complaining about the one he had to get. We take plenty of high-quality photos and videos with this and… well it’s an iPhone. They’re some of the best phones ever created. Whenever we got to a new country that we’d be staying in long enough, I would go to a cell store to purchase a new SIM card which would enable me to make local calls and, even more importantly, use Google Maps to avoid getting too lost in foreign cities. 

AT&T LG Escape

Jimmie – This thing was a piece of junk and I complained about it constantly. What I had been searching for was an unlocked phone that I could switch out SIM cards easily while traveling to avoid exorbitant roaming fees from the US. I’d come from an iPhone, but it was through my company and so when I quit to travel I had to give it back. I found this LG on Craigslist and met a guy who needed the money to be able to afford his anger management classes to avoid going to jail. That story is no joke or exaggeration. Anywho, this phone did allow for phone calls, it did (kind of) allow for Internet access and was unlocked so it did essentially serve the purposes that I bought it for, but… I just hated it so much. 


Cameras and camera equipment

Sony DSCH X50V

Shelly – This is a 20.4MP point-and-shoot camera that also shoots HD video. It has a variety of modes and is definitely on the higher-end of point-and-shoot cameras on the market right now. We solely used it and my iPhone on our most recent trip to Canada and Europe, and it has definitely served us well. 

Canon 70D

Jimmie – I’ve been wanting a good DSLR for years, and so in an effort to improve my photograph skills, I finally went out and purchased one. It has a 20.2MP crop-sensor, a 3″ fold-out tilt and swivel screen, wireless capabilities and really makes me look like I actually know what I’m doing. 

Canon 50mm f/1.8 II “Nifty Fifty”

Jimmie – I opted out of the kit lenses that came with my Canon 70D body, and so this was the first lens I purchased. Widely regarded as the absolute best value you can get for a Canon lens, this thing produces some beautiful pictures. The bokeh is nice and smooth, colors are right on and it has a nice autofocus system. For less than $100, you simply can’t get a better lens for the price. It’s definitely not L-series build quality, but for the price the thing performs wonderfully. I’ll be looking at purchasing several new lenses in the coming months. 


External hard drive

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive

Jimmie – We carry a portable hard drive as a sort of insurance. Since we do a lot of work from our computers with this blog, pictures, cameras and such, having a backup is essential. This thing is quiet, an enormous 2 terabytes and tiny. Like, the size as a wallet. I found this little bag somewhere and it’s the perfect size for my hard drive.


Odds and Ends

Logitech Wireless Mouse

We’ve each got one of these. The little USB plug actually will fit back inside of the mouse under the battery compartment when it’s not in use which is very convenient. It’s very responsive and ideal for traveling. 


Apple Ear buds

Not much to say about these guys. It’s cool that it’s got a microphone though and you can talk on the phone with these on. 


Travel Adaptor

This one seems to be the best one for the money we can find. Jimmie has a different one but we’ve found a few things that didn’t fit it, and this one did. Shelly has had it for a few years now and it’s still performing great!



With all of these electronics, don’t forget your chargers!


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