It’s Official! Announcing Our Tinggly Ambassadorship

We are beyond thrilled and honored to announce that we have become official ambassadors for Tinggly! Shelly came across them surfing the web one day, and we were blown away by how cool this company is.

So…what the heck is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a new way of gifting various amazing experiences in packages available all over the world. If you head over to their experiences map, you’ll see hundreds of different opportunities to choose from. The way they operate is unique in itself too. Imagine you’ve been looking around the internet for a present for someone special in your life, but you can’t find something memorable. Instead of a gift card to Amazon or a piece of jewelry they’ll wear once, why not gift them one of these experiences? You purchase the gift essentials package (valued at $125), then they get to scour the Tinggly site in search of what will probably be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives! If you look around at the experiences offered you’ll find these aren’t your typical “stay here and eat here” excursions, either. 

How about hunting for the northern lights by sea in Iceland?

 Or taking a tour on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam?

Or maybe you’d prefer something a little more relaxing, such as a thermal spa in Costa Rica?

Why We Love Tinggly

  • Cool Experiences. Every time we visit their site, there are new experiences available. We could (and have) spent hours just perusing the different possibilities all over the world. A walk with a monk in Nepal? Check. A camel ride for two in Morocco? They’ve got it. How about a gorgeous Icelandic nature tour? Gotcha covered. Seriously, we could list these things all day. 
  • One Gift = Hundreds of Destinations. When you purchase one Gift Essentials package, the recipient can then choose from hundreds of their destinations! One price, hundreds of options. How cool is that? No worrying about whether the gift you purchased will be liked, because the recipient gets to pick something that fits their style!
  • Two Years To Decide. When you gift a package, you get two years to pick and plan it all out. That allows you to be super flexible in your schedule, and choose the ideal time to go on your incredible little adventure!
  • All Over The World. Seriously, check out their map. It’s pretty unreal how many experiences they have available all over the world, and they are constantly scouring for more to add. 

What This Means For Us

Nothing will really change, per se, however it will allow us the opportunity to try out some really cool things abroad. This in turn means more crazy stories, more helpful guides, and better all around content for you to enjoy! 

What’s Next?

Right now we’re helping search for new experiences that Tinggly can add to their catalogue, which potentially means we’ll be the first to try them out! For now though, we’re excitedly looking through their adventures list for our upcoming trip to Korea, where we’ll be teaching and traveling around Southeast Asia. 

Our top options right now? Diving with thresher sharks in the Philippines? That sounds like just the right amount of intimidation and excitement. Or maybe we’ll try out two days of trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we would get to play with elephants, visit waterfalls, and ride a bamboo raft along the river. 

We have tons of options, just like you do. We’re excited for all of the adventures in the future, and want to thank you for joining in on the ride. We promise you’ll be the first to know how our Tinggly experiences turn out. We’re even hoping to offer a Tinggly giveaway for you guys in the future, so be sure to subscribe to our email list (below) so you can be the first to know about it!

Which amazing Tinggly experience would you choose? Let us know in the comments section!


Note: Norway to Nowhere is being sponsored by Tinggly as part of their Ambassadorship Program. This in no way will affect the integrity with which we write. You will always receive an honest account of any of our experiences, regardless of who is footing the bill! All images graciously provided by Tinggly.


Shelly & Jimmie

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