Introducing The Bucketlist Bombshells’ Work Online + Travel The World Course

The phrase “traveling the world” brings about such a romantic concept: Gondola rides in Venice, summering in Spain, lounging on an exotic beach in Bali…

However, for those of us who aren’t trust fund babies, most of us still need to work in order to achieve a travel lifestyle. Sure, you can work at home and save up for that whirlwind vacation or even a more comprehensive around-the-world trip…but what if you don’t want the excitement to stop? What if the travel bug catches you hard and the thought of going back to the cubicle life makes you want to rip your hair out?

As someone who has been wanting to pursue that lifestyle for years, I have taken hours of classes and tutorials on the subject. In fact for the past 6 months I spent the majority of my time trying to figure out how I could possibly keep the adventure going while earning a solid income. Everything I read fell short and I found there was a desperate need for a more comprehensive and actionable resource.

Enter the Bucketlist Bombshell’s Work Online + Travel the World Course

I was THRILLED when I stumbled upon this course. It sounded too good to be true. There are tons of resources out there explaining how to travel the world on a dime but the girls behind The Bucketlist Bombshells aren’t about that life. They want to teach you how to travel the world without living on a backpacker’s budget – and who wouldn’t want that? 

The Work Online + Travel the World Course

The two bombshells behind this course, Cassie + Shay, are a best-friend duo who, like many of us, wanted more out of life than working for corporate. They met in a coffee shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and bonded over having both bought one-way tickets post graduation in search of an alternative lifestyle. Through trial and error, they eventually landed in their sweet spots of not only balancing work + travel, but flourishing in it. They know first hand what it takes to leave it all behind and become your own boss – which is a major reason why I trusted them to guide me through that same process.

A #BucketlistBombshell is someone who believes in living life on her own terms

The Work + Travel Course is designed to get you on the road and earning money in as little as 6 weeks, although you’re welcome to take the course at your own pace. I, being the impatient rebel that I am, decided to hop on a plane to my first destination after just 5 weeks and finished the course while abroad…though I don’t necessarily recommend that 😉 

What’s included?

Inside the beautiful interface of the Work + Travel Course you’ll find 6 modules which cover four main areas of focus:

Part 1: The Basics – This section sets you up for the rest of the course. Cassie and Shay walk you through how to find what skills you have that could translate to the online world, where to find clients, how to manage finances, and where on earth you should explore first. This is essentially the foundation of the course, so it’s super important to put in the work here!

Part 2: Money in the Bank – Let’s be real. This is probably the section you’re looking forward to most. Learning HOW you’re going to earn an income while traveling the world. The girls cover this in detail and give you their best tips on how to stand out in the freelancing market. They literally guide you step-by-step and make it extremely simple to understand.

Part 3: Work Like a Boss – Now that you know how to land clients, Cassie and Shay take it to the next level. They have done SO much research and tested out a ton of different resources to provide you with truly the best and most helpful freelancing tools. This was one of my favorite sections of the entire course. It made me feel like I could actually manage this part-incredible-part-terrifying digital nomad life. Similar to the other modules, the girls walk you through how to utilize these tools and efficiently manage your time.

Part 4: Ready, Jet. Set. Go. – The fun part. Packing your bags and gearing up for your new lifestyle. In this section, the duo teaches you how to juggle work + play, landing your ideal apartment, and tips for getting around in a new country. 

Bonuses & Resources

While the modules are absolutely fantastic on their own, Shay and Cassie go above and beyond in providing some absolutely outstanding bonuses and resources. I STILL go back and look at these on a daily basis. They’re almost like a crutch I need to wean myself off of as I continue to grow my business and become more confident in my work. Below are just a few of my favorites included in the course:

  • The BB Planner + Workbook: The Bucketlist Bombshells meticulously outlined every detail of the course and created a comprehensive planner and workbook to keep you on track. While I didn’t utilize their useful planner as much as I should have, I personally found the workbook to be a God send. I wrote down every possible thing I could and constantly referred back to it both during the course and after “graduating”.
  • 2 One-on-One Video Mentoring Sessions – These mentoring sessions were absolutely crucial to my success. I tend to second guess and over think e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and having these girls to help me stay focused and give me constructive feedback was invaluable. Their advice and suggestions helped to push me out of my comfort zone and see things from a different perspective. It was exactly the confidence boost I needed to succeed.
  • VIP Facebook Lounge – I truly believe that being an active part of a community of like-minded people pushing towards the same goal is so important to success. For that reason, I adore the Bucketlist Bombshell VIP Facebook group that Shay and Cassie created. In the group we celebrate each other’s victories, ask and answer business related questions, and encourage each other when we’re feeling unsure of our ventures. 
  • Resources – While I had heard of a few of the web and app resources the girls covered in their class, there were many that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been utilizing. From brilliant time management systems to organizational gurus – the girls definitely do not skimp you on essential solopreneur tools! 

Why I love it

Okay, so by now you’re probably wondering about the juicy details.

Does the course live up to the hype?

Was I actually able to implement what I learned?

Or is it just another tutorial that leaves you confused about what to do next? 

I can say with 100% certainty that this course has not only helped me to jumpstart my business, but gave me the confidence to explore what I am truly passionate about. If I hadn’t stumbled upon it, I would probably still be spinning my wheels trying and failing to figure this lifestyle out on my own.

Bottom line: this course actually works. There are no gimmicks and no misleading. Like many things in life, if you put in the work, you will see the results. If being location independent and/or owning your own business is a goal of yours, this course will help you tremendously. Oh and one of the absolute best parts is that once you sign up, you’re a member for life. That means you gain access to all future resources, remain a part of the VIP facebook lounge, and can go back into the course at any time to refresh your freelancing skills. HUGE bonus.

Need further reasons why I love this course so much? I have been a Bucketlist Bombshell In Training (BBIT) for about 2 months now. In that time I’ve created my own personal brand and website, Dakota & Co. — moved away from home to Playa del Carmen, Mexico — landed my first big client — and am in the works with several other potential leads. Cassie and Shay helped me to actually obtain the lifestyle of my dreams.

Room for Improvement

While the majority of the course was an overwhelming success, there were a few minor things that I longed for. One of those things was including more information regarding the legal aspects of owning a business. The good news? Recently, I spoke directly to Shay and Cassie about my feedback, and they are incorporating it into the course as you read this. I’m thrilled to announce that they are collaborating with Marilyn + Jessica from The Bottomline for an amazing bonus all about business registration & taxes for online entrepreneurs. This is an AMAZING addition to the course, and one that was definitely needed.

The great thing about these two women is that they are extremely open to suggestions and improvements. Their enthusiasm for each of their students happiness and achievements is a huge factor as to why they are so successful. 

The course was already fantastic, and I’m confident it can only get better from here.

Sign up now

The Work Online + Travel the World course costs either a one time fee of $497.00 or 3 monthly payments of $199. An investment? Absolutely. But the knowledge gained, and more importantly, the community you have access to, continues to provide value back to me every day. Even though I received a complimentary course as part of a collaboration, there is no doubt that I would pay full price for it. It is worth every single penny.

Registration is currently OPEN for a limited time. They only open it a few times per year, so I would jump on this amazing deal sooner rather than later. 

Stop wishing. Start doing.


Shelly (& Jimmie)

*I received complimentary access to The Work Online + Travel the World Course not only to review it but because I desperately needed to take action in starting my own online business. I am a proud Bucketlist Bombshell Tribe Member and as always, you receive my honest opinions regardless of who is footing the bill.

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  • Erin Toews

    Great review. You are tempting me right now to give it a try!… but as I am on a one year volunteer trip to Africa as a missionary, I do NOT have income for that. I am participating on their giveaway on Instagram. Praying that I win!
    Erin Toews recently posted…Mukuvisi WoodlandsMy Profile

    • Norway To Nowhere

      Wow, sounds like you’re in for a memorable, rewarding year in Africa. Very cool, and I hope you have an amazing experience there! And don’t worry, the course will always be here when you’re ready to take it on 😉

  • virtualedge

    Great, great read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey. It sounds as
    if you have worked yourself to where you want to be . Congratulations and continued good fortune!

  • We Live by the Rules

    This is amazing! I want to join for sure. Thanks for sharing this.

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