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NYC: Bridges, Buildings and Boroughs – Pt. 3


We wanted to begin our last day in New York City off on the right foot, and so searching for that classic New York bagel was in order. We consulted Yelp and found one in between Central Park and the East River called H&H Midtown Bagels. Again we went through the routine of taking the bus to the Spuytin Duyvil train station which in turn dropped us off at Grand Central. By this time we had become pros (or at least Shelly had), and we quickly made our way to the 6 subway on the M line headed northeast on the island. 

NYC: Bridges, Buildings and Boroughs – Pt. 2


Our second day in New York City was going to be our only full one, and so we made sure to pack it with the majority of our sightseeing experiences. We definitely had a full list of things we wanted to see, including a place that Shelly had actually discovered while watching her favorite late-night television show, Jimmy Fallon. It is called the Momofuku Milk Bar. Yes, a milk bar. I can’t compete with Jimmy Fallon, I’ll be honest, and so when he looked right through the television into Shelly’s eyes and told her that she needed to go try Momofuku… we never had an option. 

The Time We Roadtripped with a Stranger’s Car – Pt. 3

Roadtripping Pt 3 Featured Image

We finally left the uneventful landscapes of western Colorado and found ourselves gazing up at the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. The sun was setting after over 8 hours of solid driving and we were nearing our final destination for the day. It was nice to be done with the draining desert heat and in to the cool mountains, and we’d be finishing the day at the house of a friend of mine from high school named

The Time We Roadtripped with a Stranger’s Car – Pt. 2


To bring you up to speed, we were hurtling towards Alabama with a stranger’s car from Seattle, using a slightly shady car service called Auto Driveaway, and currently driving through the state of Idaho. We’d decided to nickname the car Jessica, after the name of the car’s owner. What we knew is that her name was Jessica, she went to the University of Alabama, and apparently had enough money to have her car delivered to her from across the country. Naturally

The Time We Roadtripped With A Stranger’s Car – Pt. 1

shoshone falls, idaho

We’d just finished round 2 in Seattle, where the weather was perfect and our hosts were gracious. Only the day before, we had signed up to drive a person’s car across the country and deliver it to her in Alabama. Shelly’s friend, Heather, was nice enough to drive us down to Kent, about a half hour south of Seattle, where we would hopefully pick up the car and be on our way without any problems. We loaded up our heavy packs into the back of her SUV and excitedly headed towards our destination, gazing in wonder at

The Time We Overstayed Our Welcome in Seattle


For the three weeks that Shelly and I had spent in Canada, a lot of our off time was spent trying to figure out how we’d get to our next stage of the trip: Buffalo, New York, where Shelly’s dad lives. What we came up with was equal parts risky and awesome. We were going to buy a car, drive it across Canada in a fantastic road trip tour of the country, and resell it when we got to Buffalo. It became clear very quickly