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Indoor Skydiving at iFly: A Tinggly Gift Review

indoor skydiving

One of the things we love about travel is the opportunity to take part in a variety of different and exciting experiences around the world. We’d been lacking in this department while home waiting for our next adventure to begin. Often finding ourselves uninspired by our too-familiar surroundings and itching for more excitement. So when Tinggly, a UK based company we adore, increased their experiences list to Texas we were thrilled. The best part? The particular activity we chose can be done in a multitude of different locations throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Asia. ifly Indoor Skydiving gives you the thrill of free-falling, without the fear and risks involved with jumping out of a plane.

The Time We Roadtripped with a Stranger’s Car – Pt. 3

Roadtripping Pt 3 Featured Image

We finally left the uneventful landscapes of western Colorado and found ourselves gazing up at the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. The sun was setting after over 8 hours of solid driving and we were nearing our final destination for the day. It was nice to be done with the draining desert heat and in to the cool mountains, and we’d be finishing the day at the house of a friend of mine from high school named

The Time We Roadtripped with a Stranger’s Car – Pt. 2


To bring you up to speed, we were hurtling towards Alabama with a stranger’s car from Seattle, using a slightly shady car service called Auto Driveaway, and currently driving through the state of Idaho. We’d decided to nickname the car Jessica, after the name of the car’s owner. What we knew is that her name was Jessica, she went to the University of Alabama, and apparently had enough money to have her car delivered to her from across the country. Naturally