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Men’s Packing List For A Trip Around The World

Packing for a trip around the world can be daunting. You have to consider that you’ll be in all kinds of weather conditions, that you might be working for money, that you want to look halfway decent and be able to do all of the cool things you have on your list. I had decent experience in the hiking world, but that’s way different from this kind of excursion. Here are a few of the tips I learned to help you while you prepare for your own trip:

Female Packing List For A Trip Around The World

If you’re like me then the thought of packing up your life into a backpack or suitcase for an indefinite amount of time is terrifying and overwhelming. How can I possibly choose what to bring and what not to? How can I still look fashionable with extremely limited options? I researched so many websites leading up to our trip that my head was constantly spinning. In the end, I packed far too much and didn’t really like my clothes selections. So why take packing advice from me? Well…I’ve learned the hard way from my packing mistakes so you don’t have to. I created this list based on my experience from a 6 month backpacking trip through North America and Europe, though these items could easily get you through a longer time frame.