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Exploring Oslo: Kicking Babies and A Polar Expedition Gone Wrong

The Oslo Opera House

Disclaimer: No actual babies were kicked or harmed during our stay in Oslo.

We had just finished hiking Trolltunga, a picturesque but difficult 22-kilometer hike. Once we regained feeling in our legs, we knew it was time to head east to the Norwegian capital: Oslo. We said our goodbyes to Pilar, our lovely couchsurfing host in Ullensvang, and boarded a 7 hour bus ride from there to Oslo. This bus ride was actually longer than our flight from New York to Bergen! It was the typical “we’ll have seven hours to write and be productive!” Of course we ended up staring out the dirty windows at the gorgeous green countryside instead. If you’re looking to go from hiking Trolltunga to Oslo, there are a couple of bus services, but unfortunately any way you cut it it’s going to be a long ride.

A Week in Bergen, Norway


We had just spent two wonderful days at the International house, a Couchsurfing spot we were fortunate enough to have come across and allowed into. Our next stop was an Airbnb listing that we found and would be spending the next five days exploring the city of Bergen. Our new friend Benji from Germany accompanied us on the bus back to Bergen, where he hitchhiked back to his hometown. Good on you, Benji, good on you. 

Couchsurfing for 3 Days at an International House in Norway


We had found a great deal for only $286 through Norwegian Air, departing out of JFK International Airport at 9:30pm. With another $70 add-on, we got a reserved seat, checked bag and a meal of some sort, so our grand total for flying to Norway was $386. Not too shabby! We’ve both been on international flights before, and knew of the boredom to expect on such a long flight. You always end up playing the same game with yourself: “How many movies can you see or books can you read?”